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Purpose Driven

Juan Gil, Owner

20+ Years of Experience

Over the last 20 years I have proudly served the South Central area of Texas both as an HVAC technician and as an HVAC Service Manager. What I have learned is that people do business with people they trust.

At BLUE DOT we strive to build relationships with our customers and develop a trustworthy team. We want to do business with people who want to take care of their A/C & heating system. Whether it’s by repairing or simply giving maintenance to your air conditioning system, we are working on building a relationship on trust.

God told the Israelites; “when you get serious about finding me, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed” Jeremiah 29:11

about Us

Why Choose BlueDot?

BLUE DOT is committed to QUALITY in everything we do. The quality of our work lies in our craftsmanship and experience. Our technicians are specialists who take pride in the work they do. We’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

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Juan Gil
Mitchell Williams
Amanda Collins
Customer Service
Brent Steinbarth
Garth Langlois
Field Technician
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